Who is John Henry

John Henry is a professional magician who has been leaving family audiences laughing and mystified for over 25 years. He has cast his magic spell throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii; Canada; and Mexico and has appeared on television in both the USA and Mexico

Although he’s a pretty funny magician, John Henry learned as a school teacher that even the youngest kid needs encouragement and inspiration so when a child experiences one of John Henry’s shows they’ve not only been thoroughly entertained, they’re also left with an experience that is truly memorable. His shows are as entertaining for adults as well as the children and his performances are customized for each event. Presentations are tailored to reflect the age of his audience whether they are preschoolers or in high school.

“John Henry came to our center and did two different shows.  One for preschool age children and the other for school age children.  He was fantastic in both of these age groups!  The children of all ages were engaged and awed with his tricks.  He has a true knack working with children of various ages.  We have had other magicians in the past; none came close to the energy and experience that John Henry brought with him!  I would highly recommend him!” 
Lesley Kinney, Director–Framingham

John Henry’s magic is infused with real-life experiences that make his magic different than the norm. He’s climbed mountains from Alaska to Mexico, scuba dived in such places as Mexico, Hawaii and Tahiti and holds the sky diving record for the second longest time under canopy (He says that if he’d known he was in contention for a record he would have stayed up longer but he was just trying to get down).

His experiences as a Scout leader, public school teacher, actor, soccer coach, ski instructor, karate instructor and his numerous adventures from around the world form the story line of some of his most memorable magic.

 “Thank you very much for a terrific magic show for my daughter Danielle's party.  It was the best magic show I have ever seen.  You had everyone captivated, from my youngest daughter to my father!  Thank you!!!”  
Jennie Shaw, Mom - Needham 

John Henry is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Eagle Scout Award, the Amos Alonzo Stagg Medal for Physical Fitness and has been recognized by the National Honor Society, Alpha Psi Omega, for achievements in the dramatic arts. He has acted in numerous stage and film productions, and has been the special effects and magic consultant for a number of theater productions.

In addition to his busy show schedule, John Henry can be seen performing his unique style of legerdemain at a number of Boston area restaurants.

John Henry resides in Easton Massachusetts with his wife, Irvina, who shares his passion for magic. She also loves to shop so he’ll pretty much travel anywhere to perform.