School & Library shows
“John Henry came to our center and did two different shows. One for preschool age children and the other for school age children. He was fantastic in both of these age groups! The children of all ages were engaged and awed with his tricks. He has a true knack working with children of various ages. We have had other magicians in the past; none came close to the energy and experience that John Henry brought with him! I would highly recommend him!”!
Lesley Kinney-Suburban Child

John Henry offers a variety of programs that are entertaining, educational and fun. Whether they’re just for fun or as part of a curriculum or reading program students, teachers and parents agree; John Henry is just fabulous at what he does.

“The kids at school couldn't stop talking about John Henry, His shows were age  appropriate and  each show was different than the other. We look forward to hiring John Henry next year”.
KellyMolit Park Avenue School, Whitman

Do you remember the teachers that inspired you when you were in school? Of course you do- you’ll never forget them. Well John Henry was a teacher and has a gift; the ability to not only motivate and inspire children but to entertain them as well.

“John Henry is a great story teller. The kids were fascinated and entertained  the whole time.”
Jennifer McGuelan Westwood

Do you have a special message you’d like to pass onto your children and students? Whether it’s Self Esteem, Reading, Listening, Bullying, Safety, or just ‘For Fun’John Henry has specialized programs for pre-school, elementary, middle and high school age children.

“The show was great! The kid's loved it. I particularly liked the storytelling”.
Alyssa Merzon - Bright Horizons

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