Unforgettable Birthday Party Shows
That’s how special these shows really are! In fact – just minutes after my show starts you’ll realize, as so many others have, why I’m such a great choice for entertainment at your birthday child’s party. I’ve included a few previous customers’ comments below so you can see for yourself what others have been saying about my shows.

“John Henry kept the kids attention- very comical even for the adults. The kids loved it! Would recommend highly”.
Danielle Logiudice Bridgewater, MA

I have a GREAT passion for entertaining children and have performed as a full time profession magician for the past 30 years. There is no greater joy that I get than from seeing the smiles and the looks of wonder on children’s faces reacting to my magic.

I have four fantastic Birthday Party Packages to choose from- perfect for any age, audience or budget.

The Birthday Party Package

The Deluxe Birthday Party Package

The Ultimate Birthday Party Package

The Special Hogwarts Magic Class Show

These shows are truly memorable because it’s all about the children creating the magic themselves. The kids will talk about this magic show for years - guaranteed! It will be one of those days a child will remember even as an adult. I know this, because I come across parents today who I was lucky enough to perform for years ago, and now I have the honor of entertaining THEIR children.

My show begins with a story of how, as a young boy, I met an old man who taught me his magic. The nice thing about this story is it’s true. The children are mesmerized as I transport them into a magical world where the birthday child is the star of the show and anything and everything can happen.

“John Henry is a great storyteller- the kids were fascinated and entertained the whole time!”

Jennifer McGuelan. Westwood, MA

I tell the children they all have magic but right around their birthday the magic is extra strong, “so watch out for the birthday child because he/she is going to be doing some pretty amazing things today”. “The magic rubs off on brothers and sisters too so you’d better keep your eye on them as well”. I always include siblings in the show, so as to not leave anyone out of the fun

No matter how rambunctious the kids may be when I arrive within the first few minutes of my show, the kids are transfixed. You can hear a pin drop. There isn’t a child in that room who doesn’t think they’ve got the magic!

The birthday child performs the first couple of magic tricks to great applause and then everyone gets in the act. Shows are structured so there’s 100% participation and each child feels like they are an important part of the performance.  In fact, I use more audience participation than any other entertainer in the area – because I know the reaction parents and kids have when they see their friends and family making miracles in their very own hands!  Wait till you see this too!

“The children of all ages were engaged and awed with John Henry’s tricks.  He has a true knack working with children of various ages.  We have had other magicians in the past; none came close to the energy and experience that John Henry brought with him!   I would highly recommend him!"
Lesley Kinney Framingham, MA

1 The Birthday Party Package A forty-five minute show with plenty of audience participation, fun, laughter and amazement. The birthday child is the star of the show but everyone gets into the act. Even adults will love this fun and mystifying presentation of magic performed by the children themselves. Its magic and comedy guaranteed to get younger kids rolling on the floor with laughter and amazement and the older kids amazed, a little stunned and wanting more. Before leaving I present the birthday child with a special box of magic, a gift from John Henry. The price for this show is $200

2 The Deluxe Birthday Party Package This is my most popular package. It’s an hour of fun, laughter and amazement. Additional features of this show include special illusions from my stage show that are guaranteed to WOW, balloon animals for all the kids and the ‘Teach a Trick ‘option at no additional charge. Before leaving I present the birthday child with a special box of magic, a gift from John Henry. This is a magic show the children will talk about for a long, long time. The price for this show is $250

3 The Ultimate Birthday Party Package An hour of great magic, spectacular illusions, comedy and the extra special floating illusion. At the end of the show the music begins and the birthday child floats in midair “right before your very eyes” Talk about a Kodak moment – better have those cameras ready! Before leaving I present the birthday child with a special box of magic, a gift from John Henry.

Please allow slightly more than one full hour for this entertainment package.100% Guaranteed to Please Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Kids alike! This is the package you choose when your party has to be the talk of the neighborhood! The price for this show is $300.

4 The Special Hogwarts Magic Class Show For kids ages 7 and up who really want to learn magic! A fantastic one hour magic class/show featuring demonstrations of amazing magic where the children learn three really cool magic tricks using actual magic props which they take home (with instructions). Before leaving I present the birthday child with a special box of magic, a gift from John Henry. The price for this show is $250 plus $5 per child participating in the workshop.

Goody Bags are available for any show! They’re A HUGE time and money saver for mom & dad! It would cost at least double if not more to put these goody bags together yourself and that’s not even counting your time. Ask me about what’s inside these goody bags- it’s a lot and I only charge $3.50 each. They’re a real bargain!

Concerned whether the magic will be age appropriate? Memorable? Fun? Exciting? Amazing? Unforgettable? Just ask. I’ve been a youth leader, counselor, instructor, school teacher and magician. I’ve been motivating, inspiring and entertaining children of all ages for a long time.  

Anything else? Just ask me. I’m here for you. To help you - make your day a huge success!

John Henry
[email protected]